How do women check guys out?
I’ve heard women check out guys without others noticing. I wonder how they do
 this and  how it differs from what men do. This was a question a guy posted in  Quora
And this was the reply of a girl who solved his “mystery” !!!!
We don’t take efforts to be subtle. Guys don’t notice us staring because even though they

look in our direction, they don’t *see*.


When we’re sitting with friends and notice someone standing a little far away, we’re just like:



And if he’s sitting right beside us, we’re totally like:

How it differs from what men do?

It really doesn’t. (This post got 25k views!!!)

Then it stuck my mind that many of us dont even realise we are being watched by some
beauties (sometimes reached out too ) .
So I thought that I should do something to help my brothers who are struggling out there
Fortunately I also had a luvguru in our gang ( that friend in your gang who knows more
about girls but never has a GF haha!!!!) whose laptop is a gold mine of girl’s info
containing vids , ebooks , pics etc …
He also had helped me write my previous posts on girls psychology and body language !!!
On my request of how to identify girls who flirt with us , he gave a handful of pics and a
lot of info on girls .
After my 2hr discussion (who dosent love to talk about girls) and a lot of real life
examples here i am to share something that was not decoded to us Boys!!!




When a woman turns her toes inward it suggests interest. It is referred to as “tibial

torsion” anatomically. It is a gesture that displays submissiveness and can show that a

woman is smitten in your company. She is shrinking up her body and creating a less

threatening profile. In contrast, there is the military posture, in which the toes turn

outward and the hands are held behind the back. If you see a woman in pigeon toes, you

can be sure she is open to an advance. Just monitor what effects your approach has on



This photograph illustrates “tibial torsion.” It is a childish
posture. Scarlett’s toes are pointed inward and it shows that she
is meek and willing to submit to Dave. It is a way for her to
appear smaller and less dominant by shrinking the amount of
space her body takes up. She is also looking over a raised
shoulder, to a degree, which is another signal of attraction. caption




The forehead bow is a position of submissiveness. It occurs when a woman lowers her

head, then looks up at a man from under her eyebrows. It’s a sort of “come hither” look

and could occur while eating dinner or while reading. It is akin to a full body bow which

is used around the world to show respect. In contrast, the opposite could occur where

the head is tilted backwards and a downward gaze is cast upon the other person. It is

best pictured as looking down one’s nose at someone and comes off as a direct threat .


This is a strong indicator of interest. Scarlett is
performing what is called the forehead bow. It occurs
when the head is tilted downwards and the person of
interest is looked up at “through” the forehead. It is akin
to what happens in Asian cultures with the bow. She is
also delivering two other signals. Can you identify them?
The next is open legs. The greater the leg spread, the
greater the interest. The final show of interest is the skirt
hike. She is using her right hand to slightly raise her skirt
to expose more leg. With all these in combination, it
would be foolish to think that she is not interested in Dave.


The below pics are from the books of famous author Leil Lowndes who

is an internationally recognized communications expert:
























Of course a lot more stuff is there to learn on this ebook .


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